Associate's Degree - CHURCH LEADERSHIP

Looking for a career in the church? The Church Leadership degree will give you not only valuable course work but also hands-on experience at one of NCU’s approved Church Leadership sites. The sites provide intensive training, practical ministry opportunities, and mentoring relationships. Students who complete the Church Leadership degree will be prepared to be ministry leaders in a local church. The following elements will aid graduates of the Church Leadership major in carrying out their leadership role in a local congregation.

Church leadership grads will understand historic and contemporary theology, study the Bible
and effectively practice and communicate its truths in today’s world, and be familiar with the history, practices, and beliefs of the Assemblies of God. They will learn to understand the operation, administration, and organization of the local church, including the unique role of the lead pastor while practicing personal spiritual formation in regard to character and responsibility.


Jobs you can get with an Online Church Leadership Degree:

   » Christian School Principal
   » Missions Executive
   » Christian College President

   » Church Leader» Pastor
   » Church Planner